Thursday, March 10, 2011

Long Week

 Started out Saturday night with a friend calling at a strange hour, to inform me that a friend of ours was killed in an avalanche. If you have never received "The Call" like this I envy you. Never gets easy, just easier to bury deep within for a later surprise visit. He died doing what he loved on a beautiful day, couldn't hope for a better end. Wish he coulda been around for a while longer still, only 28 yrs old. Fuck nursing homes. Rest in Peace Dan, you will be missed.

The highlight of the week was driving between Redmond Oregon and Biggs. This may sound strange to folks that have driven this. There is nothing but sky and high desert. I cruised the work rig well above the speed limit, cranked up some Isis, and took it all in. The scenery is wheat fields, straight to huge dark grey sky with the Cascade mountains in the distance. The 35mph wind was blowing sagebrush across the road for some effect. It ruled. I can't wait to get on two wheels again. It's Thursday, the work week is over, and my brain has been bouncing off the rev limiter. Time to hit the shop, get better at welding, and get the Pan closer to life.

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