Saturday, June 25, 2011

Local Show

The Toecutter called this afternoon and reminded me about a local bike show goin on. Buttoned up the carbs on the KZ and rode down. Fairly unorganized, but that was to be expected. He entered his Buell chop and the white bike posted in the vid below, both nailing down 1st place ribbons, not bad! Funny thing was nobody knew what the hell they were, and how much fabrication went into em. Lots of tribal tat, pleather vest, white sneaker wearin' kooks. The bikes above are all owned by the same dude, he also had the cleanest early CB750 I have seen. Spotless. I had seen this red flatty at least 15 years ago in the middle of nowhere, random guy wearing moccasins, came outta nowhere, grabbed something at the local rural general store, and putted back the way he came. I couldn't believe it was still around, ghost bike. I was tasked with riding Toecutters Buell chop back to the house...that bike straight up hauls ass! There is absolutely no "scene" in our area, pretty nice. We missed Born Free, but it was cool seeing what comes out of the woodwork locally.

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