Saturday, June 2, 2012

KZ Tank Breeding

Had HUGE dent in my original tank. I have been looking for the perfect mate for her, and the day has finally come as you can see in photo #2, they made sweet love. Together they produced the fine looking tank baby in photo #3. Some of you may know the story of this bike. Bought it around 10 years ago (I was the 2nd owner!), sold it somewhere around 2005, it moved to Canaduh, then found its way back to me. Its my favorite bike, always will be. It hauls ass, is loud as fuck, reliable, and fits me like a glove. Stoked I get to keep messin with it! maybe a suspension upgrade is in the future? I was gonna change the paint scheme after the original tank was smashed, but shit, they dont make these anymore, and its grown on me over the years.

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