Sunday, November 18, 2012

Front end fresh

Spent the afternoon rebuilding the forks on the FXR. New seals, Racetech springs and emulators. The old seals gave up the ghost pretty bad, and were super leaky. Figured while I'm in there might as well do the whole damn deal...These 39mm front-ends are super easy to work on, simple.

 Modified dampener.
 Extra hole's added to let the fork oil escape/emulator do it's job.
 Clean out the shavings from drilling extra holes. Nice and clean in there.
 Test fit the emulator...yep, looks good
 Fit new fork seals

 Carefully pound em in with fancy pants fork seal driver

Cut spacers for new they weren't that long. The Racetech springs are significantly shorter than the Progressives that were in there, was a little surprised how much. Ended up running with 25mm of pre-load. This little mod combined with the adjustable Progressive 418's out back should work out nicely, and be a huge improvement over stock...Or it will totally suck who knows, gotta wait for spring to find out!