Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tandoori Surprise

Whatever, I know its a food post. Deal with it. Made a run to Seattle to grab the new iMac that Iam currently typing on. Had to get a new set up for design purposes, and the antiquated laptop I have been using seized up at highway speed last night. Forgot my camera, otherwise I would have more interesting things to look at. If you are into Indian food and happen to be in the Emerald City, go to Cedars in the U district. 50th and something, by Safeway right off the ave. The above meal is the Tandoori Surprise, basically the meat sampler super plate. Perfect every time, I dont even know what else they have on the menu, I dont bother. Amazingly there is no "surprise" hours later after eating this!? Dont fret, there will be much chopper related shit coming in the future.....

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