Tuesday, February 15, 2011

'34 Ford

 This is my Grandfathers' '34 Ford he recently finished up. ALL ORIGINAL STEEL!! He has had this car since at least the 60's maybe earlier. My Mom and her sisters used to ride in the rumble seat when they were kids, and she's 55 now. He stashed this car away in his shop, where it had been sitting for roughly 40 years! He created his own barn find. He did EVERYTHING himself in the resto process, paint, engine, upholstery, all of it! Ever since I can remember it sat quietly in the corner, carefully placed for a later date. I think he even painted it the original color. Im so stoked he didn't get all billet crazy, or decide it needed a teal and pink stripe, just kept it true to how it rolled off the
showroom floor. The man has skills, and a shit-load of patience to wait so long, not sell it cause he needed money etc. Congrats Gramps! Good Job.

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