Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I found my old KZ!!

Like many people, there is that one thing I sold in the past that I always kicked myself for. Mine is a '78 KZ1000. I was the second owner, bought the bike in near perfect condition for less than a thousand bucks! Had a huge vetter fairing, huge seat, the usual crap. Toecutter (Parker) donated many of his KZ goodies off his favorite bike to make mine better. Clubmans, jet kit, Kerker 4-1, filter pods, ignition, etc, removed the blinkers, rear fender, grab rail, and anything else I didnt like. Made a killer cafe bike, wasted some "fast" H.D.'s with it. Looked like the bike above, but better! The guy I sold it to moved to Canada right after he bought it, and I figured I would never see it again. That was 6 or 7 years ago.....Fast forward to the other day- dumb luck led to me finding out the current owners have moved back to the area!! THEY STILL HAVE IT!! AND THEY ARE MY NEIGHBORS!!! HOLY SHIT!! So I gave the guy's wife my contact info, now Im sweatin' cause I haven't heard back! IT WILL BE MINE AGAIN, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! Stay Tuned

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