Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Viewdale drive in. Overgrown with weeds, forgotten about, and for sale. Was riding around and noticed the gate was open so I snuck in... Nobody around. I'm sure this piece of history will be swiftly removed and replace with something "better". Glad I got to have a moment with it before its gone. On a better note I remembered I can get non-ethanol gas and even 110 octane from one of the local gas places. Burned a tank on purpose just to try it out, bike ran killer. I'll be going back to get 5 gallons of TRICK to mix with some premium...I pulled up and the guys that run the place were checkin out the Z using phrases such as "extended swingarm" and "dragbike" reminiscing about their buddies that used to run 900's and 1000's back in the seventies and early 80's. Pretty cool.


  1. Went to the last movie they showed their last fall. MACHETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's great to capture those places before something ”better” takes them away, forever.